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Savings Guarantee! 💰

Spend Less, Explore More!

At SightScape, we're all about BIG adventures without the BIG price tags! We pinky-promise that our passes will give you more value for your money. But just in case your calculator says otherwise, we’ve got your back!

Our Promise

If our passes end up costing more than individual attraction tickets, fill in the form in the contact us page and we'll happily refund the difference. No complications, just pure, simple math!

Here's How to claim Your Savings guarantee:

Send your claim within 7 days of the last scan of your pass.

The rules of savings guarantee:

  • For the All Inclusive Pass: you should have visited at least three attractions each day of your pass's validity.
  • For the Flexi Pass: make sure you've redeemed all the attractions on your pass.

To report a claim please fill out the form available in the Contact Us page with the following information.

  • With your order number found in ‘My Orders’
  • Your proof of entry prices either from the attraction's official website or any other websites that proves that the total cost of the attractions combined is cheaper than your pass purchase.

We will look over your claim and respond within (14) business days.

Happy savings and endless fun! 🌍🎉