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Frequently Asked Questions

🚀 About SightScape and Pass Types
What is SightScape?

SightScape is your ticket to a world of exploring and adrenaline! Dive into a universe of attractions all bundled up in one pass. Ready, set, explore!

What is the Difference Between the All inclusive Pass and the Flexi Pass?

All Inclusive Pass: Think of this as your unlimited ride ticket! With the All Inclusive Pass, you choose the number of days, and during those days, you can visit as many attractions as you'd like. It's all about exploring without boundaries.

Flexi Pass: Want a bit more flexibility? The Flexi Pass lets you select a set number of attractions to visit and gives you 90 days to check them out. No rush, no pressure, just adventures at your own pace.

So, whether you're looking to maximize your experiences or prefer a more laid-back approach, we've got a pass that fits your style! 🚀🌍

📱 Using the Pass
How can I use the Pass?

Easy peasy! Present your SightScape pass at any participating attraction, scan, and boom! You're in!

Can I use the pass on the website?

Nah! Your pass is exclusively in our Android or Apple app, keeping it safe and ready for all times!

Do you offer group discounts?

Absolutely! If you're planning on going out as a group of 20 or more, we've got special discounts waiting for you. Just inform us at Contact Us and we'll hook you up with some exclusive discounts. Gather your crew and get ready for some savings! 🚀🌟

How do I activate my pass?

Jump into your SightScape app, select your pass, and give it a quick scan. Fun mode: ON!

Can other people use my pass?

Your pass is unique, just like you! It's meant for you alone. But hey, there's always more passes for your friends!

Can I send my pass as a gift?

Best. Gift. Ever! Yes, you can. There's an option to gift it to a friend.😉

Do I need to make a reservation to visit attractions?

Check attraction details; some need a reservation, others let you walk in with your SightScape Pass.

Can I send the pass to someone after purchase?

For sure! Transfer it using our app. Make sure it's done before activating the pass and remind the receiver to download our app.

When is the pass considered active?

Your pass is considered active the second you make your first scan at any attraction. From that point, it's go-time for your adventures! 🚀🎉

Why isn’t my pass information like expiry date, pass history, remaining choices, or remaining days showing?

This occurs when you're offline. Please connect to the internet to view all the detailed information about your pass.

📅 Validity & Purchase
How do I purchase the Passes?

Purchasing your pass is easy! Go to our app or website, follow a few simple steps, and voila! The endless fun awaits.

How long is my pass valid?

You've got 90 days from the purchase date. Mark those calendars!

Can I get a refund on the Passes?

Sure thing! As long as it's not activated, you've got a 30-day window to get a refund.

🛡 Safety & Privacy
What devices support the SightScape app?

Whether it’s Team Apple or Android, we got your back. Download, log in, Explore!

Are there any age restrictions for attractions within the Passes?

Some attractions might have limitations! They might have age or other restrictions. Just peek at the attraction details or reach out to the venue to confirm!

What is the SightScape Savings Guarantee?

Think of it as our pinky promise to you! If you don’t save with our passes compared to purchasing individual tickets, we’ll refund the difference. So, with SightScape, it’s a win-win situation – unforgettable memories and unlimited savings, all in one! Please visit our Savings Guarantee page for more information. Keep those good vibes rolling and explore without breaking the bank. 🎉

How do I update or modify my SightScape account details?

Easy-peasy! Log into your SightScape account, go to ‘Account Settings’, make the necessary changes, and you’re all set!

🌟 Partnership & Collaboration
I’m a travel agency owner, attraction owner, or any other businesses, how can I partner with SightScape?

At SightScape, we love partnerships and believe in mutual benefits! Just fill out the form that mostly aligns with you in the Partner with us page. Let's make magic together!

Still got more questions?

Hit us up at the Contact Us page. Adrenaline on, SightScapers! 🚀🌍