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How it works

  1. 📱 Simplify Your Adventure: Say goodbye to multiple tickets. Just one quick scan of your SightScape Pass from the app gets you into each attraction with ease.
  2. 🌍 Your Adventure, Your Way: Choose your favorite attractions and discover them at your own pace.
  3. 💰 Big Savings: Enjoy up to 57% off compared to purchasing individual attraction tickets.

Pass Conditions

  1. 📱 Pass Access

    Your passes are only accessible through our app. It’s your digital key to all the fun – no paper, no hassle!

  2. 🎟 Single Entry Per Attraction

    Each pass unlocks a one-time visit to each attraction. Make it memorable!

  3. 🚀 Check Before You Go

    Some cool attractions need prior booking. Take a look at each attraction's info or visit our app’s menu then click on reservations and you will find a list of all the attractions that require prior booking.

  4. 🚗 Transfers Not Included

    You're the captain of your journey - transfers to attractions aren't covered by the pass.

  5. 🕒 Cool-Down After Scanning

    After you scan your pass, it goes on a quick cool-down, either for as long as you’re attraction or for an hour. Perfect time to plan where you’re heading next! Please note, this is a security measure to ensure your safety and pass integrity

  6. 📲 Easy Pass Transfer

    To get your passes to the dedicated user, go to the “Passes” section in our app then pick a pass, click “Send Pass”, and fill the details. As soon as they accept, the pass transfer is completed and you’re all set! Remember, once your pass is activated, you can't send it to someone else or access it from a different phone. Keep it safe and make it personal! 🔐